Sunday, May 20, 2012

Almost Over

Only one more night of this.  Truly, I am going to miss it.  Yes, it will be nice to slow life down a little with summer break, but we love watching our kids play.  

This Tuesday Barrett's Mtn. View Softball League team - juniors division - plays for the championship against Red Mountain.  It's the last night of the tourney and we have to beat them twice back to back.  They lost to RM on Thursday night in our game 3 of the tourney, 5-4 in bottom of the 6th.  They just didn't have any bats after the first inning when the scored all four of their runs.  But they played great on Saturday to eliminate the Mesa Southern team, and now we are back up against Red Mountain, the only undefeated team in the tournament.  We all know the girls can do it.  They beat them before in regular season play, and Barrett's team is really quite good.

 Afty had a great season playing in Majors.  She was so much fun to watch and we're hoping she tries out for All Stars again.

Rowan really picked up the game this year in her second year of Coach Pitch softball division.  She has a great arm already and she hits the ball hard.  She had so much fun playing on the Pink Devils.  We loved her coach, too.  Dan Richardson coached Barrett years ago in coach pitch league and he is still awesome.

This was Buddy's first year playing ball.  He was on a coach pitch baseball team in Mesa North Central league, so he played all his games at Hawthorne.  Although it's a little tough for a field full of kindergarteners to stay focused for three whole innings, he did great and had so much fun.  

love this picture of my boys

Wish Barrett luck for Tuesday against RM!  We're hoping for a double header victory!

Just call her Madame President

I would be terribly remiss if I didn't post about this.  Meet Miss Barrett Brown, the newly elected President of the 8th Grade at Stapley Junior High, 2012-2013 school year.

Yes, we are proud of her.  Yes, we are thrilled she won her election.   But mostly, we are proud of her because she had the guts to run for office in the first place and the diligence to get everything done for her campaign in such a short window. And because she's a great young woman with so many terrific skills to be a leader and a friend to so many kids at her school.  Her campaign slogan was "Rock the Vote" and she made some super cute posters.  Right in the middle of the posters were one of these funny pictures.  Yes, we laughed a lot during the photo shoot.

We took some mug shots too, but decided not to go the criminal-looking route.  Maybe not the best PR move....just sayin'...

But in all seriousness, she's gonna be great.  Way to go, B.  We love you!