Thursday, September 22, 2011


I seem to be soaking it in these days.  Everywhere I go, everytime I read, every conversation I have.  I'm soaking in the inspiration.

It's mostly little things...things I'd like to try, things I know I can do.  Ways I can be a little better, do a little more.  Ambitions I'm drawn to reach for.  Small projects I can't wait to tackle, organization I want to implement, fabrics I want to buy, things I want to cook, trails I want to conquer, visions of so many sugar plums dancing in my head...

But some things are big...perhaps bigger than I might ever chew, but maybe not so big that I won't try.  I think I need a big, ambitious goal right now.  Something to make me stretch.

I'm not sure why I feel so extra susceptible to inspiration these days.  Maybe it's because one of my 2011 fitness milestones is just on the only 2 days away, and race season is in full swing.  Maybe because I got released from two of my three callings and I'm finding time to think.  Maybe because all four of my peeps are in school now, and I have a few extra hours during the week to  really accomplish things.  Maybe because I'm already thinking of the holidays and grandious ideas are sprouting.  I don't know, but I like it. 

I found inspiration helping Barrett sew her purse for her YW in Excellence program and now all I want to do is sew.  I can't seem to find any stretch longer than 30 minutes to do it, but I've been keeping my machine set up in my sewing/scrapbooking room so I can hop on when I find a few minutes here or there to stitch. 

I found it yesterday at my CPE conference as I reconnected with old Ernst & Young alumni and chatted it up with a group of fabulous professional women during lunch.

I found it on my Aunt's blog as she reminisced about all the Rim to Rim trips of years past...I'm so hoping that our kids will have the love of running and that we create many, many great memories together hiking and racing and running till I'm just too old.

I found it in my monthly subscription to Running as I devoured a couple of articles about some amazing athletes who overcame so much.  And then read the detailed blog postings of the women who broke the R2R2R record this spring.

I found it at the ballpark as I watched my girls play with gusto and again as I passed the same consistent group of early morning walkers powering their way down Harris...and as I picked up my Shot Blocks at the running store and talked with the guy whose recovering from a broken foot and back up to 35 miles a week.

I soaked a little in as I visited with all my girl cousins on the Teeples side at Cami's bridal shower the other night.  Such beautiful women, inside and out.  So much fun, so much love in that house.

I bathed in it as I sat at the kitchen table last night reading with Buddy Boy.  What an impact our consistent but short 10-minutes-a-night has already had on him.  Amazing how fast they learn.  Amazing what we can accomplish if we are consistent.

And the list goes on and on and on...

I have heard women say that they are "bored."  I've heard some talk about their weekends of mostly just watching TV.  I've sat on my red couch with a past visiting teacher who said she had no hobbies and just didn't have anything to do all day.  I can't even imagine.  My mental list of things I hope to tackle and projects to be done and works of awesomeness to be created and closets to be flushed and filing cabinets to be purged and life to be lived....I can't imagine ever being bored.  I hope I never am.  I like feeling inspired.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

2 Weeks Away

(last year's pic at the North Kiabab trailhead - the starting line!)

OK, I am seriously getting soooooo excited for our Rim 2 Rim hike exactly two weeks from today.  Not sure why - it's really the hardest physical thing I've ever done - but I am.  Really, truly, honestly so excited.  I just re-read my blog post from last year's R2R (read it HERE) and even though it made me remember some hard things that I might have blocked out (kinda like childbirth), it got me all pumped up again at the same time.  Funny how that works.

I'm excited to be doing it with Ryan again.  He's my best friend in the world and there's no one I'd rather be hiking with.  I'm excited that our crew is so big and awesome this year (26 hikers and 3 drivers). I'm excited that some of our friends are going on their maiden voyage (like Penny Bauer and Ryan Alder and Kourtney Garner).  I'm excited to be in the company of my awesome family, many of which are serious GC Veterans, and to help my Uncle Dale (one of those veterans indeed) celebrate his 65th birthday on our hike day, September 24th.  And I'm excited to add another hash mark to my R2R tally that undoubtedly will keep growing in the years ahead.

And as I type this, I am crazy sore.  My legs burn as I hike up my stairs and I noted a slight waddle, or perhaps shuffle is the better word, as I got out of the Tahoe tonight on the way into dinner.  I worked out so hard the last two days - today was a zillion stadiums and interval sprints - and I'm feeling it.  Thank heaven for the sabbath, a much needed day of rest.  In two sabbaths from tomorrow, we'll all be doing the GC Shuffle on the way into church.  Good times.  I can hardly wait!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Labor Day in Pine

Chalk up another Labor Day at the cabin.  It seems like we're here every year at this time and I'm so glad we are.  I probably have more vacation memories from Pine than any place else in the world.  I've been going there since I was a little girl and now our children are following suit.   Truly, we are so grateful that my Grandpa Reid and Grandma Sue had the foresight to build this place so many years ago.  It's such a fun retreat for our family and only an hour and half away.  Can't beat that.  It was a little warmish this trip - more so than any of our other outings to Pine over the summer.  But we still played hard, especially, the kiddos, as always.
Mike was helping the kids with their trigger eye and all things gun-related.  No worries - just pellet guns and BB guns this trip.  Afton is so hooked.  She totally wants a gun for Christmas!  She was using Easton's all weekend long (much to Easton' dismay).  Yes, Easton is only five, and yes, he has his own BB gun.  Courtesy of Mike & Shari.  It was his Christmas gift last year. 

And they did lots and lots of swinging.  Uncle Mike hooked up the rope swing again and our kids just swing and swing until their hands are raw.  A piece of rope and a tube.  It doesn't take much to entertain our troops.

 Grandpa worked outside all day as always. He's up early and hardly comes inside at all during the day except to grab a bite to eat or drink of water.  He loves the outdoors and he always finds things to keep him busy and active.  This trip, he worked on some water well issues with Mike, and then we picked all the ripe apples off the trees before leaving.  We've been enjoying them all week!


Tate and Krissie have a special magical connection.  They totally understand each other and Tate takes such great care of her.  I was lucky enough to steal a picture of Tate walking Krissie out to take a ride on the golf cart.  So precious!

Here are our cute girls after church on Sunday.  Aren't they beautiful?

A Few More Cabin Pics

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Just a glimpse

Sometimes you get lucky enough to catch a glimpse...

Yesterday after school...after the tennies full of sand were kicked off and tossed under the kitchen table and the backpacks strewn across the living room and the pantry raided for the crackers to host the sliced cheese and the crumbs making a nice little pile under the island...(yes, that all happens at my house all too often despite the 1,000 reminders I've issued over the years).  And the shoe basket has never once been moved?  You'd think they'd remember, wouldn't you?

Well, after all that - I caught a glimpse.  

My three youngers all sitting quietly at the kitchen table, each claiming their own side of the 8-chair black square table we all love, each with pencil in hand working...perfectly.  Perfectly quiet.  Perfectly attentive.  Perfectly kind.  Pretty much just perfect.  With sliced apples and carrot sticks and straight pretzels to keep them focused, it was really a little dreamlike.  I almost pulled out the camera to document that moment of serenity.  Like I said - I caught a glimpse.

It only lasted about 10 minutes before we had to kick everything into high gear to make the night routine all play out with dinner and ball games.  

Tonight, remarkably, I caught another.  Just now...with Ryan and Barrett gone to Scouts and Mutual, it was just the three littlest peeps and I -  Rowan up at the kitchen counter with her sweet smelling freshly shampooed golden locks hanging down, coloring what will no doubt be another masterpiece for me to display on the office door; Afton playing "I'll Follow Him in Faith" on the piano in prep for tomorrow's lesson, Easton finishing up his All About Me poster and then tackling Cool Math Games on the computer.  Everyone happy.  Homework all done.  Rowan's dishes too.  Baths all the way around.  Clothes set out for tomorrow.

Like I said...a little glimpse.