Saturday, August 25, 2012

Monday will be better...

Sometimes you've got it, sometimes you don't.

Whatever "it" is, I definitely did not have it this morning.

Um, let me think of the best way to describe the workout...

Brutal.  Miserable.  Torturous.  Yep, any of those will do.  

So as I literally wrung out the sweat from my clothes and then soaked in a cool shower (partially by choice, partially because our hot water heater went out this morning), I tried to figure out why I got my can kicked so hard.  I am sure I am exaggerating, but I can't remember feeling so beat up since I ran the Sedona half marathon with crazy hills and elevation, and today I only went half that distance on more or less flat ground at 1200 feet.  Surely, I must be mistaken.


  • Stayed up a little too late reading.
  • Fighting a head cold.
  • Third day in a row for my running legs and they were mad at me.
  • Started an hour later than normal (not til 6:30 since I figured it was Saturday and I was entitled to sleep in til 6:00).  Stupid decision in hindsight.
  • Full on sun.
  • Ridiculous humidity.
  • Bean burrito for dinner last night.
  • Bleachers, bleachers, bleachers.

I guess it could be any number or all of those things, but I'm going with bleachers as the straw that broke my back.   After running to Mtn. View along the canal (one of my usual runs), I did my climbs up and down the bleachers many, many times trying to simulate the climb out of the canyon (it's the best training I know) and then I ran home.  Nothing new.  6 miles plus bleachers, so I should not have felt have as bad as I did.

Today I lost the battle of mind over body.
Today I wondered why in the heck any sane person runs in August monsoon season.
Today I wondered how I could possibly be this hot.
Today would have been a good day to turn off the alarm and go under deep cover.

Good thing I get to try again on Monday.

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  1. Aug. 25th....YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING KELLI!!!! Have you given up blogging or have you gone private and you're not telling me???!