Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cabin Fun: Memorial Day

Memorial Day at the cabin is usually one of our best memories.  It's the first trip of the season and really signals the kickoff to summer.  Late movie nights, lots of card games, walks to the creek, homemade ice cream, time with cousins and friends.  It's summertime at its best.  No doubt about it.

Our crew plus the Bauer girls (Hallie & Syd) at the cabin for Memorial Day

We never have any fun...


I love this guy!

These girls crack me up. Oh, we are going to be soooooo sad when the Bauers move.  What will we do without them?  They're practically family.

 The hair flippers...Hallie & Barrett

Making homemade ice cream with Grandpa Steve, one of our favorite cabin traditions!

The beautiful Grandma Cindy, right where she loves to be at the cabin - baking in the kitchen!

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