Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rita Allred Goodman

Rita Allred Goodman
August 15, 1917 - May 18, 2012

Today I had the good fortune of sitting next to my Aunt Katrina in Relief Society.  After the lesson on missionary work was over, she leaned over to me and said, "You know that Uncle Chad has been going through Grandma Rita's records and files and journals working on family history.  I thought it was interesting to note that the very last entry she ever made in her journal simply says, 'The church is true.'"

In Sacrament Meeting, Bishop Uncle Jim got up at the end of the meeting and said that he was prompted to share something with us today.  He'd been preparing for this sabbath day and praying to know what he needed to do, and he felt this inspiration.  He said he was trying to talk himself out of getting up, but decided he needed to listen.  His counsel was that we need to share our testimonies with our children and with our parents, in word and in deed.  He shared an example about his son, Jimmy, and also spoke of the faithful testimony that his parents (my Grandpa Harry & Grandma Rita) lived by going to the temple every Thursday.  I know that they loved the temple and that they loved their Savior.  They lived their testimony.

Last night at my Grandpa Reid's 90th birthday celebration, my Aunt Diane kindly reminded me that she was still waiting to see my pictures (of the funeral, of our vacations, of everything...) since I'm so behind on blogging.  So with both of my sweet aunts' and my Bishop Uncle Jim's reminders of Grandma Rita, I thought today was a perfect day to finally post these gems.  I love my family.  Truly, I am so blessed to be numbered among the Goodmans.

Here are a few of the pics taken at Grandma Rita's funeral services on May 25, 2012.

The pallbearers - the grandsons - carrying the casket to the burial site

my sweet girls, with Randi and Grandma Cindy

It's far too seldom that we see the Allred cousins these days, so it was an extra special treat to have them up in Mesa for the funeral.

After the dedicatory prayer, all of the girls were encouraged to take one of Grandma Rita's beautiful hot pink roses.  Pink was grandma's favorite color without a doubt.

Yes, all 10 of Rita & Harry's granddaughters are in this picture.  I love my Goodman Girl Cousins!  From left:  Karrie Platt, Laura Fodera, Julie Chesley, Jodi Goodman, Kathryn Whitlock, Kristi Zundell, Kim Marble; front row: Kelli Brown (me), Rita Wilstead, Dyan Ricedorff

All but two of the grandsons are here.  We're just missing Van the Man (serving his mission in Atlanta, Georgia) and Mark, who was working up in Snowflake and couldn't get the day off.  From left: Chad Willis, Dale Goodman, Craig Willis, Matt, Michael, Willie, Jimmy,  Joe & Luke Goodman.  What a handsome crew!

I love these pictures!  Jodi, Rita & Diane

Kimmie, Kathryn, & Kristi

Aren't they cute?  Bishop Uncle Jim celebrated his birthday yesterday along with my Grandpa Reid.  Happy Birthday, Bishop!

Jules, Dyan, Laura & Karrie

Me & Julie

Taylor, Julie, & Kylie Chesley

Aunt Betty, Uncle Clyde (Grandma Rita's brother) & Alexa

Uncle Clyde & Aunt Iva Jean (Grandma's surviving siblings)

The BIG FOUR:  Bishop Uncle Jim, Uncle Dale, Steve (also goes by Dad and Grandpa Steve) and Aunt Katrina

And this is my favorite.  Just trying to keep up Grandma's Rita's spice and sass.  We love you, Grandma, and will forever miss you.  Until we meet again...


  1. Great post Kelli. I love all the pictures. Harry and Rita sure make good looking kids and grandkids. I love grandma's journal entry and her example of temple service.

  2. I loved all these pictures and this post. Love our family.

  3. SH00T...I got pictures and linked to this post Kelli without even a comment, SORRY and THANKS!!! guess your next posting will be after "the Hike" you busy lady!!!